The Origins of Ultra-Trail Nepal

Ultra-Trail Nepal has its origins in 2015, in the months leading up to the Earthquake that devastated much of Nepal, and in the friendship between Som Tamang and Samir Tamang.

Som is from Batase Village, where the Ultra-Trail Nepal 2017 races are centred. He lives in Cairns Australia, where he started the charity Friends of Himalayan Children, and from where he runs the Take on Nepal travel company which takes western visitors and volunteers to Nepal.

Samir is from the Everest village of Ramechap and has been participating in (and winning) Ultra events around the world for many years.

Both Batase and Ramechap were badly damaged by the 2015 Earthquake. As rebuilding got underway in the months that followed, the idea of bringing an Ultra-Trail event into the heart of rural Nepal was born. The Batase region was ideal, due its relatively close proximity to Kathmandu and its stunning trails and scenery.

Batase Trail Run 2016 was launched with just a few months notice, and was a huge success. At a time when most of the villagers were struggling to recover and rebuild after the earthquake, the hosting of a national event in their home village was an inspiration, putting Batase on the map and bringing it to the attention of the nation.

The decision to make the 2016 Trail Run an annual event was an easy one, and Ultra-Trail Nepal was born, with the full support of the local people.

The event will be run by Batase Trails and Take on Nepal — the Nepal and Australian arms of Som's organisation. We have great experience in organising major events, from trail runs in Nepal to large fundraising events and community events in Australia. Our professional team includes international trail running athletes, experienced guides from Nepal who know the terrain better than anyone, as well as an administrative staff in Nepal and Australia to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Our team will ensure that you get the most from the race and that the routes are well marked with support staff at each checkpoint to offer both practical and moral support. You can be sure of an event organised and supported by a team of well respected professionals in Nepal and in Australia.

Som & Samir

Samir, Som, Susan & Mira

Samir & Mira

Mira Rai & Samir

About Batase Village

Located beyond Shivapuri National Park and along the trekking route to Helambu and the Gosaikunda Lakes, Batase Village is situated approx 40 km from Kathmandu. Trekking to the village from Kathmandu takes approximately 9 hours and by bus approximately 5 hours. A beautiful village inhabited by the Tamang ethnic group, it is a serene place with spectacular Himalayan views and the friendliest people in the world. From the minute you arrive, you will feel at home and at peace.

Just as you will leave an imprint on the mountain trails, Batase village will leaves its imprint on your heart -- a place that we are sure you will return to.

But make no mistake, Batase is rural Nepal, not a holiday resort. You’ll find no hotels or coffee shops here. If you participate in the our Ultra-Trail races of 2017, be prepared to experience Nepal as it really is.


The Batase Community — Backing the Event

This event brings the local community together in ways that we never imagined possible. Their excitement and support is what makes this race the most special and rewarding experience you will encounter.

The Earthquake devastated community celebrated the 2016 event as though it were a festival. You will see local dancers, local food being sold and a traditional community embracing the opportunity to learn more about the outside world.

The villagers have also started trail running, an outcome that we had hoped for as we appreciate the healing powers of running. Many young people finish their chores hurriedly before hitting the trails. It is also common in the lead up to the event to see the villagers get up before dawn to train.

We believe that you will meet the future trail running champions of the world during your time in Batase village.

We believe in building sustainability and through this event we provide well paid employment to many local villagers, your participation has a very real and positive impact on the local community.


How Your Entry Fee is Spent

Beyond the expenses of organising a trail run of this calibre, any money remaining from your entry fee will go back into the local community. This is very important to us.

Examples of how the money is spent include

  • Building drinking water facilities along the trails.
  • Invest in maintaining roads and trails for villagers to be able to access facilities.
  • Supporting many village Schools along the trails of which you will be running.
  • Supporting local runners to achieve their dreams of racing nationally and internationally
  • Rebuilding home for villagers who are most vulnerable as a result of loss from the Earthquake.