2019 Ultra-Trail Nepal Race Rules

  1. This race must be completed using your strength on the marked trail. You are not allowed to use any form of transport other than your legs- trekking poles and sticks are permitted.
  2. Your race number must be visible at all times on front chest, you must ensure that the race number is not altered in any way.
  3. You must carry sufficient fluid to stay hydrated throughout the race.
  4. Your mobile phone must be fully charged with sufficient credit to make calls in the event of an emergency.
  5. It is your responsibility to start at the allocated start point and time provided for your race length. You will be disqualified from the race if you attempt to start earlier than your allocated race length time.
  6. Attendance at our pre race orientation is compulsory.
  7. If you decide withdraw from the race, you must notify race organisers at the closest checkpoint or through messaging the emergency number provided to you on your race bib.
  8. In the event of an injury or other emergency, you must call the number provided to you on your bib. Support will reach you as soon as possible.
  9. If you see encounter another race participants injured, it is your responsibility to stop and support this person. Record your lost time and race organisers will work towards crediting time lost.
  10. Once cut off time is reached, it is expected that you return to base with directions provided.
  11. Mandatory gear requirements must be adhered to. Gear checks will be conducted.
  12. You must follow follow the marked trails, taking a short cut is not permitted and will result in a penalty or a disqualification.
  13. You must reach every checkpoint and follow directions provided.
  14. It is your responsibility to keep the national park and the trails clean, littering is not permitted.
  15. Training prior to the race is permitted on the track, the cost of entry into the national park is a personal expense.
  16. Support crews are not permitted to use vehicles such as motorbikes or bicycles and must comply with directions provided by race organisers.
  17. Support crews must not physically touch race competitors during the race.
  18. Support crews must not take food from the checkpoints.
  19. The rules must be adhered to, if a rule is broken you may be disqualified or penalised as decide by race organisers.